Project Management

Is Design Build Right For Your Project

Design-Bid Build Project Requires Heavy Owner Involvement Unique/Complex Facilities Residential High-End Commercial (Custom Features) Heavy/ Specializes Industrial Facilities Design-Build Less Owner Involvement Required “Cookie Cutter” Projects Gas Stations, Fast Food Restaurants Highways/Utilities/Light Industrial Public Schools What is Design-Build? Design-build is a construction methodology in which the owner contracts with a…

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Team looking at a construction plan with hard hats

Interpreting Force Majeure in the Wake of Disaster

In general terms, force majeure is considered to be “an act of God” or an occurrence outside the control of the parties which impacts or delays the project. Force majeure includes issues such as unusually severe weather, labor strikes, natural disasters, or governmental actions/changes in law that negatively impact the…

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Contractors contract

Identifying Warranty Risks

The special or general conditions of many construction contracts contain warranty provisions. A typical warranty clause may require the contractor to repair or replace defects in materials or workmanship for up to one year after acceptance of the work by the owner. This type of provision reflects risks that most…

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Effective Documentation

Documentation is a vital function of construction management. If your profitability depends upon the collection of extras or the defense of claims made against you, and you have no records, the world’s best consultants and lawyers will be unable to create them for you. And if you do have the…

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Dangers of Owner – Supplied Equipment and Materials

The Risks vs. The Benefits Before agreeing to furnish materials for a construction project, owners must evaluate related risks and benefits to factor these into procurement decisions made during the sensitive preparation phase. Unfortunately, while the immediate monetary benefits of using owner-furnished items are easily ascertained, the risks are difficult…

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Contracts Must Be Reasonable

Contracts, which are intended to eliminate problems, can be the open doorway to disputes and claims. Contracts that are one-sided promote dispute resolution through litigation. Bias in contract language and interpretation leads to increased costs for all parties. The following article suggests ways in which owners and contractors can work…

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Increasing Material Prices Gouge Construction Industry

Introduction This year, exceptionally high construction material price increases have caused problems for the construction industry. A major factor is the current economic and construction boom occurring in China. China’s rapid growth and tremendous construction activity are creating shortages in the US and throughout the world. Background Basic economics dictate…

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Change Order Management

A claim is an unresolved change order. Conversely, a change order that is agreed upon and processed does not become a claim. Change order situations that are resolved knowledgeably, fairly, and promptly will benefit both the owner and the contractor. Federal government studies have shown that early settlement of change…

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